A Season of Growth

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step”. – Loa Tzu

Well over a year ago, our team set some lofty goals and we wrote them down with strong conviction. We wanted to become the landscape maintenance firm that did a little more than we had to, even needed to, as we are constantly striving to help make the jobs of our clients a little easier. The economy is moving forward at a steady pace, and we see the portfolios of the managers we work with, increase. We also see more opportunities with new-home development, as new homeowner associations have been set in place. This is a good thing, compared to years past, and we are grateful.

I have learned over the years, that it is one thing to sit down and create a long list of goals and it’s another to have the self-discipline to follow through with them. We started asking questions, such as, ”How can we better assist you? How would you like us to work with you?” and “Is there anything we could do to make your job easier?” We “listened” during our landscape walks and if there was something we could do to alleviate a frustration, we did it.

We continue to strive to maintain open and strong communication; from our on-site crews, to office management. We have continued to hone our cloud-based, proprietary software, “First Informed” to keep the reporting simple, and in one concise report to save us all time…a valuable resource we cannot manufacture. We continue to reach out to our trusted vendors and consultants to keep us well informed and assist us with our in-house training programs, ensuring that our Account Managers and crew members stay on top of the most recent water technologies, and pest-control applications.

We have grown with you, and we thank you for putting your trust in Earthco and for allowing us to grow, slowly and steadily. We have recently been able to transition our headquarters in Santa Ana, into a larger, more functional office space at 1225 E. Wakeham Ave. We now have a place to conduct our training programs other than my office, allowing me to focus on learning about and understanding new species of sustainable plant materials that thrive best in our varied micro-climates and passing on my knowledge to team members and our customers. We continue to embrace education as our industry continues to change and evolve. Sustainability is a lot more than popular “now speak” , it is our future. I have learned that we do not need to sacrifice something we love in order to create change, each and every one of us just needs to do that “one” extra thing that will make a difference. Thank you for allowing us to make a difference. You certainly make a difference to us.


Robert Morrison
Earthco Commercial Landscape