A Season to Plant

The season within the landscape maintenance industry most commonly associated with growth, is waning. The additional sunlight and warm weather we have had, helped to promote plant growth as well as unwanted weeds. Keeping the landscape trimmed and flower beds weed free continues to be a big challenge this time of year. The end of summer and the beginning of fall becomes one of our busiest and challenging seasons as our enviable warm weather usually moves right through mid-October.

This summer has been exceptionally long in light of numerous imposed water restrictions. The beginning of fall can bring with it some of the year’s highest temperatures, yet this is usually short lived. Fall is a wonderful time of year, as daylight beings to diminish, and the kids are back to school, the promise of cooler weather and crisp air, Halloween and Thanksgiving reminds me that this is truly one of my favorite seasons.

One of the many advantages of living in Southern California is the fact that we can really plant all year long, yet I believe that fall is one of my favorite seasons because most horticulturists agree that fall is the best time to plant most trees and shrubs as well as a variety of California Natives. Less water is needed to get plants established and roots grow the most in the fall, allowing the plants to better establish and flourish.

Many homeowners within the communities we serve, become more aware of their community landscape this time of year. The longer days of summer provided them the opportunity to fully experience their environment and also spurred ideas on what they may want to change to enhance the overall appeal of the community and of course, save water. Although summer has formally come to an end, we have to continue to balance limiting water, and remain diligent in this endeavor as we measure the overall curb appeal and health of the landscape. This is the perfect time of year to make decisions to add or enhance existing landscape palettes or to change to a more water-wise plant palette, in order to take full advantage of the fall planting season.

We have continued to educate our team members on how to best maintain water-wise plant material, and also better understand what plant material grows best in specific conditions so we can make educated suggestions for change that would best suit the need and desire of each community we service. I earned by formal college degree in Ornamental Horticulture, and although my education provided me with a solid foundation, we all continue learn and grow as our industry continues to change. New irrigation technology, pest management and the trend to create a more sustainable and water-wise plant palette that blends beautifully with existing community landscape, are areas where we remain focused on education and growth of our team members.

As we mark the end of the season growth, we are thankful that our business at Earthco continues to flourish. The recent promotions of Alonso Ferreyra to account manager, and Diana Gonzalez to support specialist as well as the addition of a new team member, Morelia Mora as office assistant is a testament to our growth and desire to provide excellent customer service. We continue to concentrate on instilling our passion for this business within our team members by providing on-going training, in-house seminars and education. Congratulations to both Diana and Alonso for a well-deserved promotion and we all wish you continued prosperity at Earthco.


Robert Morrison
Earthco Commercial Landscape