Fall Is Here


The daylight is beginning to diminish and the amount of local traffic and the daytime quiet within our neighborhoods tell us that the kids are back in school. Temperatures remain high, and the ever-familiar sounds of football echo from a bevy of restaurants, local football fields and neighborhood T.V’s. so it must be fall, and we welcome it!

The beginning of fall can bring with it some of the year’s highest temperatures, yet this is usually short lived, and the promise of oncoming precipitation offers renewed hope to our local landscape. Fall is the season to fertilize, trim trees, fortify slopes with proper plant material, and to make sure all brush and debris is removed from basins and fuel modification areas. It also is the best time to plant.

This issue of “Seasons” digs into the advantages and details of planting during this season, and if you believe you might have missed out on your opportunity to give your community a landscaping design “tune up” lament no further because there is no better time than the present. We have the ability to design and implement cost-effective landscape renovation programs for your specific community. This year has marked a year of steady growth for Earthco, we have carefully expanded our business. As a result, we have added a highly experienced landscape maintenance veteran to our team, Manny Vargas. We have enjoyed his enthusiasm, expertise and strong work ethic. We will continue to work together to promote ongoing education and personal growth for all team members.


Robert Morrison


Earthco Commercial Landscape