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Blowing and Material

Earthco provides the best mulch blowing service in Orange County and
also provides material in bulk. 40 yards delivered for $500!

Benefits of Blow In Mulch

Curb Appeal

Soil Health

Weather Protection

Moisture Conservation

Weed Prevention

Earthco Landscaping

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Need Mulch? It doesn't get any better than Earthco's mulch blowing service.

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Our focus is on both commercial properties like offices, mixed-use sites, HOAs, municipalities, and institutions in Orange County, as well as any residential needs!

Contact us at (714) 571-0455 for mulch blowing services or our 40 yards of mulch for $500 offer!

Get 40 Yards of Mulch Delivered for $500

Earthco Landscaping is the premiere mulch blowing provider in Orange County. Contact us for all of your mulch blowing and material needs.

Blow-In Mulch Service

Superior’s mulch blowers make installing mulch a breeze! If you want the most convenient and beautiful installation experience, blow-in mulch service is the way to go.

How does it work?

Superior’s fleet of Express Blower® trucks gives us the ability to install thousands of cubic yards of material each day. We focus on efficiency, precision, and attention to detail at each site. Save huge amounts of time by teaming up with Superior!

How does it work?

Blow-In mulch service saves time and effort. Installing mulch the “old-fashioned” way is physically demanding, takes hours, and yields less professional results.

What are the benefits of mulch blowing?


Using a blow-in mulch service saves tons of time! That means your landscaping will be ready to show off before you know it.


Blow-In Mulch service is comparative in cost to other methods of installation but saves so much time and energy.

Quality Finish

Our method of installation ensures even distribution at the right depth. This is difficult to achieve when DIYing.

Less physically demanding

DIY mulch installation can be very hard on backs because it involves repetitive heavy lifting. This can cause permanent back problems if done incorrectly.


If your yard has small, steep, or tough to reach areas, our blower trucks can reach them no problem.

Save time and effort, and get the best-looking landscaping around! Call the experts at Earthco Landscaping.

Does your community have trees that need to be trimmed?

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