Arbor Care

Earthco Arbor Care specializes in tree trimming and removal in Orange County.

Arbor Care

Earthco Arbor Care is a full service tree care company, specializing in a variety of services. Our core services include tree trimming, tree removal, GPS Tagging, tree plans, arborist consultation, asset management, treatment options, & emergency response. Our Tree Care Team is led by ISA-certified Arborists to oversee our technicians, operators, & equipment.

We pride ourselves in making sure that your tree’s are given the utmost care. When working with our clients we recommend a three-year, proactive plan to address today‘s immediate tree care needs while carefully considering future work to minimize longer term, costly risks, enhance the property‘s value and aesthetics, and allow you to plan and spread your budget over a prolonged period of time.

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Does your community have trees that need to be trimmed?

Earthco Arbor Care specializes in tree trimming, removals, GPS tagging & a variety of other services.

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