Turf Removal

Are you considering a turf removal?
Now more than ever is the time. Recently, Gov Jerry Brown mandated a water restriction of 25%.

What does this mean for HOA’s?
If you are looking to do your part and save water, now is the time to remove your turf. Turf is the largest water consumer in your community’s landscape.

Why Now?
If the drought continues down the path it is now, a mandatory turf removal will be required of all CA communities. This means you will have to remove your turf and will not receive a rebate for it. If you act now, you can receive $2.00 or more per square foot of turf removed.

Why have Earthco remove your turf?
At Earthco, we have completed several turf removal projects to little or no cost to the association. We are professionals and will complete all the necessary, time consuming paperwork for you. Let us help you put together a plant palette of CA friendly material that keeps your community looking beautiful while saving you water and money.

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